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25 Jun 2020

News: The Sea newspaper - Q2 2020

The 2020 quarter 2 edition of The Sea, which updates seafarers on the latest news and safety information, is now available.

18 Jun 2020

Press Article: Fire in the hold

As larger container vessels continue to be built, classification societies and shipowners are proactively developing new and more efficient firefighting capabilities to combat the fire risks they pose. Captain Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, shares with Safety at Sea his opinion that although these are positive steps, more needs to be done to combat the root of the problem in order to improve maritime safety.

12 Jun 2020

News: Industry bodies issue guidance ensuring safe continuation of maritime trade

IACS has issued a statement that provides guidance on how potential physical interaction between surveyors and ships’ staff is planned and managed in a manner that recognizes and addresses the personal COVID19 risk to all involved.

12 Jun 2020

Article: Drug Smuggling Preventative Measures

This article aims to provide advice on the preventative measures for ships calling at all ports vulnerable to drug smuggling.

4 Jun 2020

Press Article: Challenges seafarers face during COVID-19

As the 'uncertainty' surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be present among all walks of life, Standard Club Asia’s Captain Yves Vandenborn and Niccole Lian shed light on the impact to seafarers during the pandemic.

2 Jun 2020

Article: Practical considerations for ship recycling

This article looks at the applicable conventions and makes some recommendations as to what members should consider when it comes to recycling their ships, including their obligations regarding the club.

29 May 2020

Press Article: Adequate information vital for seafarers’ wellbeing amid crisis

Clear accessible communication can minimize the feeling of abandonment and anxiety which seafarers onbaord ships are experiencing during this pandemic, Safety 4 Sea highlights key issues discussed in Standard Club's recent seafarer wellbeing webinar: a discussion with ISWAN.

29 May 2020

News: ICS issues new Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has issued updated health guidance for the global shipping industry to ensure ship operators and crew can safely deal with seafarers struggling with medical conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

28 May 2020

News: COVID-19 – IMO-ICAO-ILO issue joint statement

The IMO, ICAO and ILO have issued a joint statement.

27 May 2020

Press Article: Communication is vital for seafarers’ wellbeing during COVID-19

Safety at Sea highlight the importance of communication between shore and at sea when addressing the mental wellbeing of seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic, as discussed in Standard Club's recent webinar on the subject.

18 May 2020

News: ICS Publishes COVID-19 Guidance for Safe Ship-Shore Interface

The International Chamber of Shipping has published Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Ensuring a Safe Shipboard Interface Between Ship and Shore-Based Personnel.

18 May 2020

News: Importance of accurate AIS broadcasts

Members with ships trading in US waters, particularly in the Mississippi River, are recommended to refer to the USCG Marine Safety Alert on the importance of accurate Automatic Identification System (AIS) broadcasts.

12 May 2020

News: COVID-19 – IMO steps up to the crew change challenges, comes out with a 12-step framework

IMO has issued a new circular setting out a 12-step recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

11 May 2020

Press Article: Standard Club voices safety fears over increase in remote pilotage

The rapid uptake of remote pilotage during the coronavirus pandemic could be compromising safety, according to protection and indemnity insurer Standard Club.

11 May 2020

Press Article: Collisions, congestion, and closures

Several major collisions and pollution events have occurred in the Houston Ship Channel over the past few years, and raise questions over potential safety issues in this busy waterway.

5 May 2020

News: Increased oil tanker presence off US coast

Oil prices collapsed in early March due to the huge drop in consumption caused by the pandemic coupled with the price war. It has been reported that over 40 million barrels of oil is destined for the US Gulf and the west coast in the next few weeks.

15 Apr 2020

News: USCG grants BWTS extension due to COVID-19

In light of the current impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has adjusted its extension policy for affected ships in regards to the US Ballast Water Management Regulations.

14 Apr 2020

News: COVID-19 – Maritime sector shows resilience

In these challenging times, the Maritime sector under the guidance of the IMO, ILO and other industry bodies have issued guidance to ensure that the world-trade continues while ensuring safety for the seafarer, ship and the environment.

8 Apr 2020

Article: Importance of navigational risk reviews

Over the last 10 years there has been a general increase in the number of claims which relate to the broad description of navigational incidents. We believe that significant numbers of major navigational incidents can be prevented by effective navigational risk reviews.

7 Apr 2020

News: USCG issues reminder to ensure the availability of oil response services amid COVID-19

The US Coast Guard issued a reminder on 2 April 2020, about the continual obligation for Oil Spill Response Organizations (OSROs) and salvage and marine firefighting (SMFF) providers to provide the necessary resources to respond to an oil or hazerdous spill.

2 Apr 2020

Press Article: COVID-19: This is not a Drill!

Michael Hughes, Claims Executive and Rahul Sapra, Senior Surveyor of Standard Club share suggestions for members and owners to consider and adopt to further support seafarers during these unprecedented times.

20 Mar 2020

News: Standard Club is the proud Health and Wellbeing sponsor of The Sea newspaper

Produced quarterly, The Sea newspaper currently reaches approx 190,000 seafarers globally.

12 Mar 2020

News: COVID-19 – WHO categorizes COVID-19 as a pandemic

In its media briefing on 11 March, the WHO has categorized the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic.

5 Mar 2020

News: COVID-19 – Turkish ports quarantine ships from 'contaminated countries' for 14 days prior to berthing

Turkish authorities require ships that have called at 'contaminated countries' to be quarantined for 14 days prior to being allowed to berth at Turkish ports.

3 Mar 2020

News: South Africa's approach to IMO Sulphur Cap 2020

The Club has been notified that the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) issued a Marine Notice No 22/2019 on 24 December 2019 concerning the ships’ compliance with IMO Sulphur Cap 2020

25 Feb 2020

News: Implementation and enforcement of relevant IMO instruments and Joint statement with WHO

Although we are seeing a fall in the new coronavirus cases in China, the WHO is concerned by global spread and the recent rise in cases reported especially from Korea and Japan.

25 Feb 2020

News: USCG marine safety information bulletin - Mississippi

The USCG has issued a Marine Safety Information bulletin advising on the operating requirements in the Mississippi when Carrollton Gauge is at 15 feet and rising.

24 Feb 2020

News: Coronavirus update - no new countries have reported cases of COVID-19 since 22 February 2020

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) last report dated 23 February 2020 advised that no new countries had reported cases of COVID-19.

21 Feb 2020

Article: practical and contractual considerations arising from the Novel Coronavirus outbreak

The club offers practical and contractual considerations arising from the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

6 Feb 2020

Article: The threat of Malaria

Nigel Griffiths shares information about the disease, measure of prevention and how it can be treated.

5 Feb 2020

Press Article: Why P&I insurance is more vital today than ever before

'Despite best efforts, collisions, groundings, pollution and environmental damage, fires and personnel injuries do occur.' Captain John Dolan, Deputy Director of Standard Club discusses the risks and liabilities to which P&I insurers respond.

1 Feb 2020

Press Article: Safety at Sea - Safety focus 2020

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention at Standard club, shares his opinion on what he believes is to be the biggest issues for the shipping industry to tackle in 2020, and his concerns around crew safety awareness.

31 Jan 2020

Article: Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China

Members will be aware of the recent novel coronavirus outbreak in China, which has now been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. Although the following information is believed to be accurate at the time of writing, the situation is evolving rapidly and new measures are frequently being put into place.

28 Jan 2020

News: Novel Coronavirus update – advice for members

Further to the club’s previous update regarding the latest situation of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) we have received some useful advice from our correspondents in China, Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd

8 Jan 2020

News: New IMO lifeboat requirements enter into force

Three new compulsory IMO resolutions entered into force on 1 January 2020. These resolutions deal with the maintenance, testing and survey periods for lifeboats and analysis of ship escape routes.

27 Nov 2019

News: Safety Considerations for Ship Operators Related to Risk‐Based Stowage of Dangerous Goods on Containerships

New safety guidance for stowage of dangerous goods on containerships launched by CINS.

26 Nov 2019

News: Risk‐based stowage of dangerous goods on containerships

The Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) organisation has produced new industry safety guidance for the stowage of dangerous goods on board containerships.

26 Nov 2019

News: Focusing on Seafarer Wellbeing - Healthy diet and lifestyle

The first topic we focus on as part of our exciting new poster campaign is the healthy diet and lifestyle element of physical wellbeing. Your health is in your hands, is is a personal choice to live a healthy lifestyle and take responsbility for your diet.

9 Oct 2019

News: 'Dangerous Ladders' Promotional Film

The #DangerousLadders campaign is a global initiative to improve the safety of pilot transfer arrangements and in particular the safe rigging of pilot ladders.

22 Jul 2019

Press Article: Working for a safer industry

Caitlin Kelly of Seaways, the international journal of The Nautical Institute, talks to Capt. Yves Vandenborn AFNI, Director of Loss Prevention at The Standard Club about his experience at sea and career ashore.

12 Jul 2019

Press Article: Time to put some real thrills into shipboard drills

Capt. Yves Vandenborn highlights the seriousness of overlooking safety drills, which is commonplace on ships, and explains why they should not be gentle reminders of procedure, but instead truly memorable and engaging learning experiences.

11 Jul 2019

Article: Mega box ship casualty – the shipboard response

The master and crew of a mega box ship must be suitably prepared for the potential risks faced at sea.

7 May 2019

Web Alert: Enclosed space entry concerns

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) is calling attention to the hazards of confined space entry after a 'shocking spike' in the number of deaths associated with the known hazard.

2 May 2019

Web Alert: USCG re-instatement of BWM extensions: Are you affected?

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has reconsidered its interpretation of 'next scheduled drydocking' with regard to extensions given under its ballast water management requirements in 33 CFR 151 Subparts C and D and is providing additional guidance on what constitutes entry into drydock and the end of an extension period.

30 Apr 2019

Press Article: ECDIS - elephant on the bridge?

Captain Yves Vandenborn, of The Standard Club, explains why shipowners and their bridge teams need to do more to ensure clear understanding of ECDIS and other safety-critical systems.

29 Apr 2019

Web Alert: Best practices for carriage of dangerous goods by container

Class society ABS and representatives from the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) have formed a joint industry project to develop best practices for carriage of dangerous goods.

23 Jan 2019

Press Article: The role of the marine surveyor - a P&I club's perspective

Jason Wee, Claims Director, discusses the wide, varied and indispensable role of the marine surveyor in this article published in The Report.

21 Jan 2019

Press Article: Twenty years of the ISM code, so what next?

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, reflects on the impact of the ISM code and how to improve its effectiveness in an article for The Report published in December

4 Dec 2018

Press Article: Seafarer mental health - taking a holistic approach

Yves Vandenborn, Director of Loss Prevention, says improving the mental health of seafarers is critical but cannot be done in isolation, in an article for The Maritime Executive.

3 Dec 2018

Web Alert: At sea, always be prepared for the unexpected

The last CHIRP video of 2018 is hosted at the National Maritime Operations Centre near Fareham, from where coastguard operations all around the UK are coordinated. The staff at the centre have first-hand experience of incidents occurring at sea due to complacency and an unpreparedness for the unexpected.

5 Apr 2018

A master’s guide to fire safety on ferries.

This guide sets out to promote best practice in fire safety, to raise awareness of fire risks in general and fire risks on ferries in particular.