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The guidance and advice from the club helps members operate as safely as possible, stay ahead of changing regulations and mitigate operating risks. Our team of experienced lawyers and technical experts specialise in particular ship types or geographical regions so they can provide tailored and relevant advice and guidance. These teams contribute to the wealth of best practice knowledge, news and opinion available to members

News items in 2015

Date Title

8 Apr 2015

Web alert: security situation in Yemen - update

According to local correspondents, the Port of Aden continues to be closed and communications are becoming increasingly difficult.

2 Apr 2015

Web alert: breach of a COA – what is the correct measure of damages? Can an innocent party recover for breach of a law and jurisdiction clause?

In a recent English High Court case the contracting parties agreed to a contract of affreightment (COA) for six shipments of coal. A dispute subsequently arose when the claimant alleged that the defendant had failed to nominate the last four shipments.

31 Mar 2015

Web alert: High Court decision handed down regarding a carrier's care of coffee beans

The case concerned condensation damage to coffee beans. The question in this case was whether, or to what extent, lining the container with Kraft paper was properly carried out and whether it was adequate to meet the threat of condensation.

31 Mar 2015

Web alert: payment of hire - is it a condition? An update

Nearly two years after Mr Justice Flaux’s controversial decision in The Astra [2] holding that payment of hire is a condition, Mr. Justice Popplewell has held that payment of hire is an innominate term, not a condition.

31 Mar 2015

Press article: case law developments regarding removal of US maritime cases from state to federal court

Senior Claims Executive Rebecca Hamra was recently published in the first quarter 2015 edition of Benedict’s Maritime Bulletin

31 Mar 2015

Web alert: Asian Gypsy Moths

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announces high risk period for Asian Gypsy Moths commenced 1 March 2015

30 Mar 2015

Web alert: Hong Kong Air Pollution Control Regulations

A new regulation requiring ocean-going vessels (OGVs) to comply with 0.5% sulphur limit will be enforced in Hong Kong waters with effect from 1 July 2015.

27 Mar 2015

Web alert: The Standard Club's Sam Kendall-Marsden spoke on "Pollution aspects of Costa Concordia" at Interspill 2015

On 26 March 2015, Sam Kendall-Marsden delivered a paper on "Pollution aspects of Costa Concordia" at Interspill 2015 in Amsterdam, a conference dedicated to spill prevention, preparedness and response.

26 Mar 2015

Web alert: security situation in Yemen

The club is aware that the security situation in Yemen has deteriorated, with coalition air strikes led by Saudi Arabia taking place in a number of areas.

25 Mar 2015

Web alert: cargo claim dismissed for lack of title – Straight Bills of Lading - A timely reminder

In this recent English High Court case the owner/carrier had agreed to carry 76 drums of coal tar in two containers between Tanzania and China. Upon discharge it was discovered that the cargo had been substituted with sand and pebbles.

24 Mar 2015

Web alert: use of Lagos Secure Anchorage Area approved by Nigerian Government agencies

The Lagos SAA is a protected zone approximately 10nm south-west of the Lagos Channel, with a centre point of 006°17’18’’N and 003°12’00’’E.

23 Mar 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks – Update on the UK

The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has advised the International Group (IG) that the volume of Nairobi Convention certificate applications they have received is putting strain on their capacity to process these certificates.

18 Mar 2015

Web alert: The New Jason Clause: a reminder of its importance

The key lesson to take away from reading this article is that shipowners should ensure that the standard, unamended, wording of the 'New Jason Clause’ is always incorporated into their bills of lading / waybills when US Law may be applicable, or if the contract concerns shipment of cargoes from or to the United States.

18 Mar 2015

Web alert: Jordan - bulk cargo shortage claims

There has been a considerable increase in substantial bulk cargo shortage claims in Jordan during the last year. As a result of this it is understood that, following the IG clubs’ intervention, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to set up a special committee to which the P&I appointed surveyor would be able to contribute.

18 Mar 2015

Web alert: Spotlight on LeRoy Lambert, President, Charles Taylor P&I Management (Americas), Inc

LeRoy Lambert shares his thoughts and experiences on the industry and his career in The Maynard Messenger

16 Mar 2015

Web alert: The ‘ELENI P’ – the pitfalls of inconsistent dispute resolution clauses

The issues dealt with in The Eleni P highlight the importance of reviewing charterparties carefully, in order to ensure that there are no conflicting clauses relating to dispute resolution.

13 Mar 2015

Web alert: new correspondent details for Thailand

If members require local correspondent assistance in Thailand, we recommend contacting your usual club contact, or alternatively Spica Services (Thailand) Limited

11 Mar 2015

Web alert: Vector Management Plan for Port of Kandla

A vessel must have a Water Safety Plan and a Food Safety Plan as part of a Vector Management Plan.

10 Mar 2015

Web alert: ‘The critical combination’: what constitutes an unsafe port?

The safe port warranty in charterparties (time and voyage) offers an important protection to owners. It holds a charterer liable for any loss occasioned by their nomination of a port that is deemed ‘unsafe’. This article looks at the complexity of defining this term.

6 Mar 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks – Update on the Isle of Man (IoM)

The club has received confirmation through the International Group (IG) and from the IMO that the UK will extend their accession of the Nairobi Convention to the Isle of Man.