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The guidance and advice from the club helps members operate as safely as possible, stay ahead of changing regulations and mitigate operating risks. Our team of experienced lawyers and technical experts specialise in particular ship types or geographical regions so they can provide tailored and relevant advice and guidance. These teams contribute to the wealth of best practice knowledge, news and opinion available to members

News items in 2015

Date Title

2 Feb 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks - Malta & Palau

The club has been provided with information from the International Group regarding Malta & Palau.

2 Feb 2015

Standard Bulletin: Claims methodology, February 2015

The second in our 'club methodology' series, this bulletin looks at our claims department

30 Jan 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks - Malta now a signatory

The club understands that Malta became a State Party to the Nairobi Convention on 18 January 2015.

29 Jan 2015

Web alert: 1996 LLMC Protocol limits - increases will apply from 8 June 2015

The 1976 LLMC Convention sets specified limits of liability for two types of claims against shipowners - claims for loss of life or personal injury, and property claims (such as damage to other ships, property or harbour works).

29 Jan 2015

Web alert: intention for port of Genoa to become a ship recycling centre

The infrastructure in place at the port leads officials to believe it can offer significant vessel recycling opportunities.

29 Jan 2015

Web alert: BIMCO urges operators/owners to check their PMSC weapons licenses and permits

The BIMCO Security Advisory on PMSC Weapons Licenses and Permits issued on 20 January 2015 has highlighted concerns that a small number of private military and security companies (PMSCs) may be operating contrary to GUARDCON and the conditions of their weapons licences and permits, by leasing their weapons to other PMSCs.

29 Jan 2015

Web alert: Turkish Pollution Fines increase in 2015

Environmental law no. 2872 decree (2015/1) has increased the tariffs for Turkish pollution fines by 10.11%. The new tariffs will be applicable to pollution incidents from 1 January 2015 until 31 December 2015.

28 Jan 2015

Web alert: ‘New look’ Part 36 offers - a change to the English Civil Procedure Rules is afoot

Following a review, the Part 36 Rules are being revised in an effort to address some of the most pressing problems and to provide clarity. The new rules come into effect on 6 April 2015 and will apply to any offers made on or after this date.

28 Jan 2015

Web alert: the pitfalls of using the outdated LMAA Small Claims Procedure

The present version of the terms - the LMAA Small Claims Procedure 2012 - is usually the version incorporated into most agreements or charterparties, either explicitly or by referring to the terms ‘in force at the time the dispute arises’. There are, however, instances where previous versions of the SCP have been agreed, such as the SCP 2006 or even the SCP 2002.

27 Jan 2015

Web alert: fraudulent bills of lading

During recent years, the shipping industry has seen an increase in cases involving the use of fraudulent bills of lading

22 Jan 2015

Web alert: California – amendment to Regulations relating to California Certificates of Financial Responsibility (COFR) requirements

Members with vessels calling at Californian ports should note the change in requirements.

21 Jan 2015

Web alert: The Sanko Mineral – an ‘in rem’ claim still available after the court has ordered the sale of the vessel

In the Sanko Mineral[1], the English High Court was asked to consider whether a cargo interest had a valid in rem claim against the carrying vessel and, if it did, whether that claim survived the court sale of the vessel.

20 Jan 2015

Web alert: EPA Releases Penalty Policy for MARPOL Annex VI Sulphur Emissions Violations

On 16 January 2015, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a penalty policy for violations of the sulphur emissions limit for ships operating in the North American and US Caribbean Sea Emission Control Areas.

16 Jan 2015

Web alert: New low sulphur fuel oil requirements under MARPOL Annex VI - legal considerations and contractual allocation of risks

The new MARPOL Annex VI provisions could well lead to disputes between owners and charterers under the relevant contractual terms concerning a number of issues.

16 Jan 2015

Web alert: Philippines Supreme Court rules that death of a seafarer which resulted from a deliberate or wilful act on his part will not be compensable

The Supreme Court in the Philippines recently gave a ruling, which could set a precedent, that a claim for death benefits would be denied in cases where the seaman committed suicide.

16 Jan 2015

Web alert: BIMCO publishes Infectious Diseases Clause

BIMCO has today published two clauses which it hopes will address contractual issues relating to outbreaks of contagious and serious diseases, such as Ebola.

14 Jan 2015

Web alert: Security situation in Misrata, Libya - possible air strikes

This update follows reports of a vessel being fired upon at the Libyan Port of Derna on 5 January 2015

14 Jan 2015

Web alert: IMB publishes annual report on piracy, showing increase in hijackings in SE Asia

Piracy is reported to be at its lowest level since 2008, but there has been a marked increase in the number of hijackings in the previous 12 months.