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The guidance and advice from the club helps members operate as safely as possible, stay ahead of changing regulations and mitigate operating risks. Our team of experienced lawyers and technical experts specialise in particular ship types or geographical regions so they can provide tailored and relevant advice and guidance. These teams contribute to the wealth of best practice knowledge, news and opinion available to members

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30 Apr 2020

Article: IMO 2020 - Bunker Claims Handling Guide for a new decade

IMO 2020 has wide implications for all parties involved in the physical shipping chain, and will involve increased risk, responsibility and costs.

9 Mar 2020

News: Supply of low sulphur bunkers and discharge of scrubber wash-water in Brazil

Members with ships trading in Brazil are advised on the recent article issued by the club’s correspondent (Proinde P&I) in regards to the supply of low sulphur bunkers and discharge of scrubber wash-water in Brazil.

3 Mar 2020

News: South Africa's approach to IMO Sulphur Cap 2020

The Club has been notified that the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) issued a Marine Notice No 22/2019 on 24 December 2019 concerning the ships’ compliance with IMO Sulphur Cap 2020

26 Feb 2020

News: IMO2020 sulphur cap - online survey to identify fuel issues

Have your say about your experiences with fuel oil quality since the change to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oils.

25 Feb 2020

News: Restrictions on the use of open-loop scrubbers in France, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar

Members with ships fitted with scrubbers and trading in European ports are advised that based on the information provided by the club’s correspondents in France, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar that there are restrictions placed on the use of open loop systems.

11 Feb 2020

News: IMO-2020 sulphur cap - issues to consider prior to the implementation of the carriage ban on 1 March 2020

The ban mandates that fuel oil used and carried on board ships must not exceed the 0.50% sulphur limit, unless the ship is provided with ‘equivalent’ compliance mechanism.

3 Feb 2020

News: Scrubber installation delays in China due to novel coronavirus (nCoV) outbreak

The club has received some queries from the members concerned to check whether such situation would fall within ‘force majeure’.

24 Jan 2020

News: Reminder of requirements for complying with the California Ocean-Going Vessel Fuel Regulation

CARB has issued Marine Notice 2020-1 to remind vessel owners and operators that the requirements under the OGV Fuel Regulation remain in effect.

23 Jan 2020

News: Indonesia - uncertainty over availability of LSFO

There is also some uncertainty over the extent to which the Indonesian authorities will enforce the sulphur regulations.

21 Jan 2020

News: Prohibition on discharge of wash-water from open-loop scrubbers in Port of Karachi, Pakistan

Members with ships fitted with scrubbers and calling at the Port of Karachi are recommended to take note of the recent circular and comply with local regulations.

20 Jan 2020

News: USCG revised guidance on the Implementation of MARPOL Annex VI

The guidance outlines how the USCG will enforce MARPOL Annex VI requirements in respect of the sulphur content within the fuel oil that is used or carried for use for all ships within either of the two US Emission Control Areas.

20 Jan 2020

News: Bahrain Marine Notice for use of Exhaust Gas Cleaning System (EGCS)

The notice provides information to Bahraini and foreign flagged vessels calling at Bahraini ports or operating in Bahraini waters.

17 Jan 2020

News: Suez Canal Authority clarifies position on open-loop scrubbers

Egypt has not yet ratified MARPOL Annex VI, which means that the new sulphur limits adopted by the IMO are not currently being enforced in Egyptian waters. However, the position with regards to the use of open-loop scrubbers has until recently been unclear.

17 Jan 2020

News: UAE instructions to vessels for oil sulphur limit

The UAE Federal Transport Authority (FTA) circular No 11 2019 provides that from 1 January 2020 all UAE flagged and foreign flagged vessels entering UAE waters are to use fuel oil with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.50% m/m.

16 Jan 2020

News: China MSA publishes Guidance for Supervision and Management of Air Emissions from Ships

This provides guidance on the implementation of the IMO 2020 sulphur cap regulation

14 Jan 2020

News: Compliant fuel availability issues

The club has been notified by a few concerned members on the non-availability of the compliant fuel at certain ports.

10 Jan 2020

News: IMO 2020 enforcement actions in China

Since 1 January 2020 there have been two separate ships in Chinese waters that have been found to be using non-compliant fuel.

7 Jan 2020

News: US EPA amends rule to allow sale of 0.5% sulphur marine fuel

The amendment is significant as it shows that the EPA intends to regulate the production and distribution of fuel in the US, regardless of where that fuel may be burned and whether the fuel is bunkered into ships equipped with scrubbers that will burn the fuel entirely outside of US waters.

3 Jan 2020

News: High sediment reported in test samples of IMO 2020-fuel blends

In accordance with the ISO 8217:2017 standards, bunker fuel should contain no more than 0.10% m/m sediment. However, the tests done by AmSpec Services and FOBAS on the low-sulphur marine blends acquired in Houston, Singapore, Antwerp and other European ports have found higher sediment levels.

2 Jan 2020

News: De-bunkering of HSFO

Members have been and continue to be faced with the need to de-bunker MARPOL Annex VI non-compliant fuel before the carriage ban comes into effect on 1 March.