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News items in 2017

Date Title

11 Dec 2017

Web Alert: Brazilian appeal court recognises Liberian ship mortgage

On 16 November 2017, the Superior Court of Justice (SCJ), Brazil’s highest court (in respect of non-constitutional claims) recognised a Liberian ship mortgage involving an FPSO (i.e. a floating, production, storage and offloading vessel) located offshore Brazil.

11 Dec 2017

Web Alert: Brazil announces new oil & gas bidding rounds

Brazil’s National Energy Policy Council (CNPE) approved the fourth bidding round of the pre-salt area which is planned for 7 June 2018 and the fifteenth bidding round under the concession regime which is scheduled for  29 March 2018

8 Dec 2017

Web Alert: Nortrader explosion safety lessons

The MAIB has released a summary of the findings into two explosions onboard a cargo vessel called Nortrader. The explosions were caused by an accumulation of hydrogen gas emitted by the cargo Nortrader was carrying.

8 Dec 2017

Web Alert: Dakar: reinforcement of customs controls affecting vessels

Members are advised that there has been a reinforcement of the customs control exercised by the local customs authorities in Dakar.

1 Dec 2017

Web Alert: Hainan MSA of the People’s Republic of China issues Ship Pollution Control Implementation Plan

​On 3 November 2017, Hainan MSA issued a Ship Pollution Control Implementation Plan (the Plan). The Plan is intended to monitor the emission of ships’ pollutants during the period from 3 November 2017 to 3 December 2018.

27 Nov 2017

Web Alert: BeCyberAware film shortlisted for the 2018 SMART4SEA Awards

A film sponsored by The Standard Club and produced by Fidra Films has been shortlisted in the 2018 SMART4SEA Awards (Cyber Security category).

27 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Brazilian Customs reintroduce the obligation to produce the original bill of lading for taking delivery

In 2013 the Brazilian Customs authorities authorised terminals to allow delivery of cargo upon the presentation of an Import Declaration, a copy of the Bill of Lading (front and reverse) and proof that they have paid the respective taxes, without the need for the importer/consignee to produce the original Bill of Lading.

17 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Reported incidents during mandatory underwater inspections in Venezuela

The club has been made aware of incidents of corruption relating to the practice of mandatory underwater hull inspections in Venezuelan ports. In the recent past drug smuggling has been accomplished (in Venezuela) by attaching packages of drugs to the hulls of unsuspecting vessels.

17 Nov 2017

Capital management methodology, November 2017

All P&I clubs must have free reserves to protect members against shocks, but how large should these reserves be? This bulletin explains how The Standard Club works out the appropriate level of reserves to protect against such shocks – and when to give some of the reserves back.

16 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Uncertainty in the import of wheat affected by Ergot Fungus in Egypt continues

Pursuant to a recent application by an Egyptian citizen to the Administrative Court alleging danger to the health of the Egyptian people, the issue has once again come back to light.

15 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and International Transport Workers Federation have highlighted a recent outbreak of Pneumonic Plague (also referred to as Madagascar Plague) on the island of Madagascar.

9 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Cape Town Port suspends sale and supply of fresh water to ships

The South African port of Cape Town has recently suspended the sale and supply of fresh water to ships calling at the port, with exceptions considered only in extreme cases.

9 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Challenges of calling at Chittagong port, Bangladesh

Members calling at Chittagong port in Bangladesh continue to face a number of challenges when lying at the anchorage areas and also when coming into berth at the port.

8 Nov 2017

Web Alert: Update on the Yemen. All ports closed since Monday

The Saudi coalition in The Yemen has closed all sea ports in the region.

8 Nov 2017

Web Alert: The importance of a good safety culture

This last bulletin for the year covers safety lessons learned from an attempted armed robbery, more issues relating to pilot boarding and a reminder of a good approach to analysing safety reports.

7 Nov 2017

Web Alert: UK MAIB Safety Digest 2/2017

This digest contains details of incidents which the MAIB has investigated and provides valuable insight into the accidents that can occur onboard merchant vessels.

6 Nov 2017

Web Alert: ClassNK release latest version of Good Maintenance Onboard Ships

Originally published in June 1994, the document serves as a comprehensive checklist to be used by shipowners, crew and other key personnel to ensure that vessels are safe, well-maintained and comply with regulations.

31 Oct 2017

Web Alert: Filipino Disputable Presumption of Work-Related Illness clause requires proof

The Philippines Supreme Court has held that Filipino seafarers must prove that an illness is work-related to claim under the POEA Contract, even though the illness is disputably presumed to be work-related.

31 Oct 2017

Web Alert: Legislation implementing Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks introduced in Canadian Parliament

The Act ​would prohibit vessel abandonment and impose increased owner responsibility and liability for hazardous vessels and wrecks, which would include the costs of clean-up and wreck removal.