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News items in 2015

Date Title

2 Mar 2015

Web alert: General Average - revisiting the York Antwerp Rules 2004, more than a decade on

The latest version of the YAR is 2004, which replaced the 1994 version.

2 Mar 2015

Web alert: The Nicolaos A – the terms in a fixture note will normally take precedence over a pro-forma charter

If a member wishes to have their charterparties and other contracts subject to arbitration in one jurisdiction, but subject to the legal proceedings of another, this can be done but it needs to be made expressly clear in the agreement between the parties

26 Feb 2015

Press release: The Standard Club Asia Ltd launches Singapore’s first War Risks Mutual

This is the first Singapore based national mutual war risks insurance and is fully supported by the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA).

26 Feb 2015

Press release: The Standard Club achieves renewal targets

Club expects record free reserves, with improving claims experience.

24 Feb 2015

Web alert: Australia - MARPOL Annex-V violations and the possible consequences

A clarification on the club's cover and support of its members in the event of a breach of MARPOL Regulations, guidance to members on how to protect themselves from potential violations and what might be considered to be, as a minimum, reasonable measures to prevent such discharges.

23 Feb 2015

Web alert: Magellan Strait Pilotage - is it compulsory and who should pay the fees?

If the owner of a vessel employs pilots when it is recommended but not compulsory, who is responsible for the pilotage fees?

23 Feb 2015

Web alert: update - Uruguay - oil spill response contract requirements

The International Group has been informed that the Uruguayan Coast Guard has decided to suspend the entry into force of the Regulation, pending clarification of certain issues with the OSROs.

20 Feb 2015

Web alert: Standard Club Rules 2015/16

The rule books for the 2015/16 policy year have been published

20 Feb 2015

Web alert: new development in the Deepwater Horizon saga

On 13 February 2015, The Texas Supreme Court overturned the decision given by the Fifth Circuit in the Deepwater Horizon litigation re BP’s access to Transocean’s insurance in 2013

19 Feb 2015

Web alert: interpretation of the Regulations annexed to ADN - safe havens

Clarification of the terms “safe area” and “safe haven” on barges that carry dangerous goods.

17 Feb 2015

Web alert: Canadian carrier codes

Members trading in Canada should take note that from 31 March 2015 all qualified carriers must have their own Canadian carrier code in order to continue to do business with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

17 Feb 2015

Web alert: The Golden Endurance

This English High Court judgment gives guidance on how and when English anti-suit injunctions are possible with respect to proceedings in another country. Comparing two different bills of lading issued under the same charterparty, the decision provides informative guidelines.

17 Feb 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks – Update on Antigua and Barbuda (A&B)

The Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) has now advised that in relation to the issuance of Nairobi Convention certificates, as an interim measure, ADOMS will respect such certificates issued to A&B flagged ships by another state party prior to 20 February 2015, and this arrangement will continue until 20 February 2016.

17 Feb 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks – The issue of bareboat charterparties

The club has received a number of enquiries from members who have ships registered in one state party but also bareboat-registered in another state party to the Nairobi Convention. The question then becomes, from which registry should the Nairobi Convention certificate be sought?

16 Feb 2015

Web alert: change in Cape Town stowaway regulations

This new interpretation of the regulations concerns the status of ‘unauthorised persons’ found onboard a ship prior to departure.

16 Feb 2015

Web alert: new sentencing guidelines to be introduced in the UK for Health and Safety offences

The guidelines will apply to offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HSWA) and subordinate regulations.

13 Feb 2015

Web alert: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks – Update on Denmark, Malta & Antigua and Barbuda (A&B)

This additional web alert provides a reminder to members that if their ship is flagged in a State Party or calling at a port or offshore facility in a State Party it is a requirement to obtain a certificate from a Nairobi Convention State Party attesting that insurance or other financial security is in force in accordance with the Convention.

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