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Sanctions in Iran

The UN, EU and US have imposed sanctions in response to concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme and human rights abuses.

Key restrictions:

  • asset freeze of listed persons/entities
  • ban on the sale, supply, transport or (re)insurance of Iranian crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical products
  • ban on trading in key equipment and technology used in Iran’s oil and gas sector
  • ban on trading in graphite and raw or semi-finished metals (e.g. iron, steel, copper etc.)
  • prohibition on financial transactions with Iranian banks and financial  institutions

Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) 

On 24 November 2013 the limited easing of sanctions was agreed under the JPOA between E3/EU+3 (UK, US, France, China, Russia, Germany) in return for Iran agreeing to make concessions in respect of its nuclear programme. US extraterritorial sanctions and EU sanctions were suspended in respect of petrochemical and crude oil exports from Iran to China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey (which have all previously benefitted from waivers under the US National Defence Authorisation Act 2012).  The JPOA has currently been extended to 14 January 2016.  Further details can be found in our web alert dated 3 February 2014 and Standard club circulars dated 17 January 2014, 28 January 2014 and 25 July 2014.

Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

On 14 July 2015, the JCPOA was agreed between the E3/EU+3, the European Union and Iran whereby Iran sanctions will be lifted, in exchange for Iran agreeing not to develop or acquire any nuclear weapons.  There is no immediate relief from sanctions - the JCPOA simply provides a framework for them to be lifted.  Once the International Atomic Energy Agency has verified that Iran has complied with its nuclear commitments (known as ‘Implementation Day’ under the JCPOA) the EU and US nuclear-related sanctions will be lifted.  For further details, please see our web alert and Freehills client alert

If the JCPOA is implemented it will result in the comprehensive lifting of all UN sanctions as well as EU and US nuclear-related sanctions. However, this will only include US extraterritorial sanctions i.e. those involving non-US persons.  US primary sanctions which apply to US persons (or entities owned or controlled by US persons) shall remain in effect. 


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